Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags are a great way to keep your brand ‘front of mind’ when your customers are travelling – not only for your customer but also your customer’s fellow travellers and associates. They are a very cost effective and useful gift to give to your clients, enabling them to easily identify their luggage when travelling.

Luggage tags also assist with security, as it is less likely that a bag will be accidentally picked up by another traveller who has a similar suitcase or bag, and if this does occur, they will have the contact details to enable them to return the bag to the rightful owner. Thieves are also less likely to steal a bag with a bag tag on it because it is less obvious, and they can plead ignorance if they are questioned.

We can print luggage tags as single card or double card tags, and we even supply the luggage loops to attach the tags to the suitcase or bag.

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