PVC Business Cards

PVC Business Cards are a great alternative to conventional paper business cards because they are much more durable – and let’s not forget – visually they look much nicer than paper cards, especially if unique features are added during the printing process. You only get one chance to make a first impression!

Customers are more likely to keep PVC business cards too because they have a perceived value associated with them. In addition to remaining in one piece if they go through the washing machine because they were left in a pocket, they act as a long lasting ‘mini billboard’ for your business when they are placed in your customer’s purse or wallet.

You could even add some useful information to the back of the card so that your customer refers to it regularly, like a calendar or measurement or weight conversions.

We usually recommend a 0.4mm thick PVC stock for business cards, but are happy to print them on standard credit card thickness stock too (0.762mm)

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